About me

Since my childhood I was very musical and very early years I started singing. I  invented small songs with great  pleasure which then I had  sung. Love to music was created by  me since the childhood in my home. My father played in a semi-professional wind band and also well could play on a harmonica. In my childhood, I received much tunesthrough  my mother. At the age of 3 years I had a great happiness, I examined my first musical instrument!  It was a piano.  I was very glad and happy  because I had an opportunity to research a musical instrument and  I will be able to play the piano and to accompany the singing.
Thanks to attention of my parents, later I went to seven-year music school which I attendedwith pleasure and successfully finished the main speciality of a piano. During training I had possibility of studying of a vocal, singing in chorus, studying of the musical theory and there are a lot of other interesting disciplines. Thenfollowed a special musical higher educational institution, a subject of choral conducting and voice training. There began my first classical lesson of singing. During study I was involved in big chorus of the higher school in case of an opera construction of Ch. W.Gluck "Orpheus and Eurydice", S Rachmaninov "Aleko" and P. Tschaikovsky to "Eugene Onegin" and with another executions.
After the end of study with the diploma of  music, singing, chorus and the teacher of solfeggio, I worked at children's school of arts as the teacher of chorus, a circle of singing and the teacher of game at a piano. I was very happy to work with children and to consider them successful. Then followed participation in a seminar of organ and church music, organ games in church services (Speyer), private pupils of a piano (Shpayer), work as the teacher of music at private music schools (Kirkel, Homburg).
As my heart, actually, belonged always to singing and my main interest to singing was appreciated, I trained my own voice further. It followed classical training of singing by madam C. Brenk. And personal lessons of singing after Voce System Singing-Methode, about today having good reputation of the opera singer, the teacher of singing and the author of the book in the specialty are farther, than H.-J. Kasper. I can advise everyone this wonderful singing teacher. Today you can find also me on music school-Kirrberg as the teacher of classical singing. Including I am still trained to play on a piano and early music education.
In case of questions you can contact me.