Music Lessons

To create music and to be able to play instrument does you smart, happy and delivers a big pleasure! Creation of positive music has impact on a human brain, music promotes good memory and improves capabilities to language qualities. It is known that musical education is useful for general knowledge. Anyway it increases intellectual mobility, a capability quickly switch over from one thought to the following. And it is positively reflected in language opportunities of children. Teaching of music makes also positive contribution to social development of children. Creation of music increases general intelligence.

Children, young people and adults can receive music teaching in the second half of day in each working day if I have empty seats for occupation. All elementary school, or high school.

I offer you professional works:

- Game lesson on a piano
- Class in singing
- Early musical education
- Modern, individual registration of occupation
- Pleasure from music 
- Game on a piano on an assessment
- Flexible time of occupations

Depending on age and a susceptibility of the child, I adapt a lesson of game on the tool for an appropriate level of development. My occupation as individually as each person.

On individual lessons we will develop the following items:

- musical reading , to  play from  letter t and training of rhythmical accuracy
- studying of  elementary game technician
- training of feeling of hearing, feeling of a melody and feeling of a rhythm
- to play, sing simple and corresponding to age of the play

Possibility of individual lessons gives the chance  the person, to receive very quality, optimum, music, tool education. You can begin at any time. If you have wish  and wish to create music and  learn to play the piano, then you are warmly invited to one trial lesson!